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Support kids in pursuing their athletic dreams

Let’s come together and support an amazing initiative – a running event to give impoverished youths the chance to pursue their dreams! When you donate, you are not only providing an amazing event and experience to these youths, but you are also directly investing in their future. Your donation will be used to help purchase essential training, racing equipment and cover transportation costs for races outside of the geographical area. When you give today, you’re helping these children reach their goals and unlock endless possibilities! Let’s create a brighter future for these children by supporting this incredible cause. Together, we can give them the opportunity to achieve great things.

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Triathlon Canada 2023 Charity program

The Olympic Games are a special event, one that celebrates and recognizes the hard work, dedication and commitment of our world’s most talented athletes. As part of the 2024 Olympics, we have the unique opportunity to support and cheer on the Triathlon Olympic team. By donating to this cause, you will be helping to provide these athletes with the resources necessary to prepare for their event and give them a fighting chance at success. Your contribution could help cover travel costs for attending trials and tournaments or make sure they have the best equipment to compete with. And by doing this, we can ensure that our elite athletes are able to reach their goals and make us all proud. Let’s come together and show our support for the Triathlon Olympic team!

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