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Participating in an Ultraman race is an extraordinary feat in itself, but for JD Tremblay, it held even greater significance as it marked his first venture into this challenging world. As he embarked on this unforgettable journey, accompanied by his dedicated crew of Heather Myers and John Burroughs, JD’s passion and sportsmanship shone brightly, capturing the hearts of both fellow athletes and organizers. This remarkable display of character led to JD being awarded the prestigious Ohana Award, a recognition that he humbly deemed as the most significant achievement of his life. In a heartfelt gesture, he selflessly dedicated the trophy to his invaluable crew, further solidifying his deserving nature as a recipient of this “Ohana” honor. JD’s Name has been listed on the Official Website of Ultraman Canada on 2021 Athletes.

JD, The Award and the Crew

The Thrill of Ultraman Canada:

It was Jd’s first Ultra race. Ultraman Canada, a grueling three-day event encompassing a 10-kilometer swim, 420-kilometer bike ride, and an 84.4-kilometer run, served as JD’s initiation into the world of Ultraman races. This demanding endeavor tests an athlete’s physical and mental strength, requiring unwavering determination and resilience. JD got hit by a truck during this race but he kept going.

He gave some of his nutrition to another athlete who forgot his. After finishing the event, He went back and ran with another athlete. Just because he (the athlete) might not finish! They formed a bond to this day. JD faced this challenge head-on, supported by his dedicated crew, who played an instrumental role in his preparation and motivation throughout the race.

Exemplifying Sportsmanship:

JD’s journey in Ultraman Canada extended far beyond his individual performance. Throughout the race, his genuine and friendly demeanor left an indelible impression on all those around him. Fellow athletes and organizers were quick to notice JD’s positive energy and uplifting spirit, making him a natural choice for the coveted Ohana Award. This accolade, meaning “Family” in Hawaiian, symbolizes the profound bond and camaraderie that JD fostered within the Ultraman community. His sportsmanship was a testament to the values of friendship, respect, and support that lie at the heart of this remarkable endurance sport.

The Ohana Award: A True Honor:

When JD was presented with the Ohana Award, he was overwhelmed with gratitude and a deep sense of pride. In his own words, he described it as the most prestigious recognition he had ever received in his life. The trophy served as a tangible reminder of JD’s remarkable character and the lasting impact he had on those around him. It represented the embodiment of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and the spirit of “Ohana” that resonated throughout the Ultraman Canada event.

A Selfless Gesture:

Despite the immense personal significance of the Ohana Award, JD’s humility and selflessness shone through. Recognizing the invaluable contribution of his crew, Heather Myers and John Burroughs, JD made a heartfelt decision. He donated and dedicated the trophy to them, acknowledging their unwavering support and the countless sacrifices they had made to ensure his success. This act of gratitude not only magnified JD’s deserving nature as the recipient of the Ohana Award but also exemplified the true essence of the “Ohana” spirit he embodied.

JD with Heather and John

To know how JD got the award and the resilience it took for him to complete this event you can listen to the podcast 2021 Ultraman Canada Race Recap.

Lastly, JD’s journey through Ultraman Canada was nothing short of remarkable. From his debut performance as an athlete to the recognition of his outstanding sportsmanship through the Ohana Award, JD’s impact was felt far beyond his personal achievements. His friendly demeanor, unwavering gratitude, and selfless dedication to his crew earned him the admiration of his fellow athletes and organizers alike. JD’s story serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of sportsmanship and the deep bonds that can be formed within the Ultraman community. His legacy continues to shine as a beacon of hope and unity, reminding us all of the importance of treating one another like family in the pursuit of our shared passions.

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For your information, Ultraman Canada is one of three races that are qualifiers for the Ultraman World Championship in Hawaii.

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